Environmental Responsbility

Looking After Our Future

Environmental Policy



We are registered with an accredited environmental company to discharge our obligations under the Packaging & Waste (Producer Responsibility) Regulations. Our methodologies for complying with the regulations have been audited and approved by the Environment Agency. We continue to work with suppliers to:

  • Eliminate unnecessary packaging
  • Reduce packaging where possible
  • Re-use packaging for the onward distribution of product
  • Where packaging must be bought, to specify only recycled product


Waste Management & Recycling

Great efforts have been made in recent years to reduce the amount of waste we generate during the distribution process. Even so, some waste is an inevitable by-product of our business processes. Focus has therefore turned towards the extent to which our waste is recycled. We work with a major national waste management company to increase progressively the proportion of waste being sent for recycling. This does not include incineration, or conversion to biomass, as an alternative to landfill. We ensure that our branches satisfy the requirements of the Waste (England & Wales) Regulations 2011 and provide suitable waste containers to collect the waste and allow segregation in accordance with the waste management hierarchy prescribes by the Regulations: Prevention, re-use, recycling and disposal. In this context, ‘other recovery’ is delegated to our waste management contractors. Currently we aim to recycle at least 95% of our waste; we are working with our waste management company to take advantage of new technologies that can allow us to recycle the final 5%.



We accept our responsibility to protect the quality of land, air and water. Our distribution process does not produce liquid waste likely to create contamination of land or water, however our vehicle emissions will have an impact on the air. We have addressed this by replacing all of our delivery vehicles with new low emission vehicles. We also use modern software to manage journey planning as efficiently as possible and track all of our vehicles nationwide to ensure that they adhere to the plan. In addition we also use visual route monitoring to alert drivers of serious delays, thus keeping the delivery vehicles moving and reducing pollution. We recognise that continuous investment in modern vehicles is the only way to take advantage of developing engine technologies, bringing reductions in both energy consumption and carbon emissions.


Download our full environmental policy here